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About Us


Xeric gardening can result in a stunning and sustainable landscape that’s not only low-maintenance,
beautiful all year long, and is the way of the future.

Knowledgeable Staff

We have been growing cacti for several years, and have found the varieties that will grow in Colorado or similar climate zones. We provide not only quality plants, but expert knowledge in the care and maintenance of these plants. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

Every order we deliver to the utmost detail in care.  We strive to provide a quality and professional atmosphere that is efficient and beneficial for you the customer. From consultancy to delivery, we do it all!

Yucca Faxonia
White Sands Claret Cup
Variety and Quality!

We strive to be the best by supplying great product that is both fresh, unique, and competitive in the market. 

Planning and Design

All of our cacti are for Zone 5 and have been proven to grow in the extreme weather conditions of Colorado. Xeriscape is a combination of landscape and dry conditions. Xeriscaping comes down to landscaping with a minimal amount of irrigation water which is needed to sustain plants. A good yard begins with good planting.


A Xeriscaped yard is best planned by grouping plants by their specific water requirements. There is no limit to design variations. Xeriscaped plants should be able to withstand periods of drought without dying. Wilting in the middle of a hot windy day is normal, especially in spring when new growth is occuring. They should, however, recover by late afternoon. Assessing this condition can be as simple as feeling the soil. If it is cool and damp, most plants will need no water. It is beneficial to allow the plants to air on the dry side. This will encourage them to develop deeper roots for drought conditions. A properly design xeriscaped bed should require less maintenance over time. 

We can provide instruction or execute the actual design and planting of the plants in the design:

  • We take into account conditions such as sun, wind exposure and micro climates.

  • We can recommend improvements such as removing areas of turf that are impractical or difficult to maintain, such as narrow strips or grass on steep slopes, terracing, as well as separating xeric plants from existing plants and lawns.

  • We can recommend other improvements such as mixtures of colors and textures of rock mulch and boulders, or perhaps a dry stream bed, or pathways.

  • We can recommend or provide the proper soil amendments to improve heavy clay or sandy soils

  • We can recommend or provide the proper plants that are suitable for our area.

  • We can recommend the appropriate maintenance from watering to insect and disease problems.

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